十大网赌网址平台首页的教育是无与伦比的. 在这里, 我们有超过26个,000 bold 和 brilliant students — a majority of whom are first-generation or underrepresented minorities — forge the future, engaging in research 和 experiential learning that has the potential to transform their lives 和 their communities.

在这里,开放的心灵与开放的思想相遇. 我们的学生知道归属感, 动机, 和 sustainable progress are inspired by a shared commitment to creating a community where diversity equals vitality — 和 support equals success. 美国国家科学基金会将我们排在第一位. 西班牙裔STEM毕业生全美排名第三,我们排名第一. 4 for Pell Grant student performance among 444 universities nationwide, 据华盛顿月刊报道.

在我们的主要项目中, 学习发生在课堂内外, with students exploring their greatest passions — 和 finding creative solutions to the most pressing problems in our increasingly interconnected world.

  • 学术资源中心

    All of the tools you need to succeed in your college classes can be found right here on campus. 的 学术资源中心 是由教育者组成的, counselors 和 advanced students who are here to help you grow, 学习和发现.


    • 辅导减少
    • 学习技巧
    • 补充说明
    • 设备齐全的自习室
  • 十大网赌网址平台首页图书馆 are among the largest academic research libraries in the United States, 拥有UC系统最完整的藏品之一. With over 2 million volumes, 28,000 print 和 electronic serial subscriptions, 1.700万缩微胶卷, 300,000个政府信息来源, 进入165页,000电子书, 我们已经准备好为您提供所需的资源, 当你需要他们的时候.

  • 专业、辅修和课程

    我们的专用, 友好的, 屡获殊荣的教师将帮助你看得更远, 达到更高的, 更深入地思考. 了解更多关于本科生的信息 主修和辅修 由我们的学院和学校提供,我们有50多个 研究生课程.


连续四年, 十大网赌网址平台首页 has been named the top public university in the nation for social mobility by U.S. 十大正规网赌游戏平台 & 世界报道. 我们是美国排名前15%的大学.S. for our overall graduation rate — a testament to our commitment to lifting students up through our vast support services. 内部人士称我们没有. 在这个国家寻求经济援助, 和 we were named a top 12 public university in Forbes’ “America’s Best Value Colleges.”

我们的 students are educated 和 elevated by our award-winning faculty — including two Nobel Prize winners 和 28 members of the National Academies — 和 have a built-in support system through our 学术资源中心. 结合机会,通过诸如 大学的荣誉国外的教育,它们的可能性是无限的.

  • 暑期海外留学项目

    Experience spending the summer abroad while staying on track to graduate! 加州大学的夏天 出国留学 Program offers UCR general catalog courses taught by UCR faculty in an international location. Including 5 weeks of cultural immersion while you deepen your learning, a global adventure awaits. Learn more about this unique opportunity to spend your summer studying abroad.

  • 海外教育项目和海外机会项目

    Join more than 4,500 University of California students who live 和 learn across the globe. Offered in partnership with more than 140 universities in 35 countries, UCR’s unparalleled 国外的教育 Program 和 Opportunities Abroad Programs offer exciting opportunities to deepen your studies, 拓展你的视野, 和 become immersed in cultural experiences you’ll never forget.

  • 加州大学萨克拉门托中心

    Take advantage of h和s-on learning 和 research opportunities in California's public policy arena through the 加州大学萨克拉门托中心. 学校提供两种综合课程, 学术政策与十大正规网赌游戏平台, 帮助你丰富你的职业成功. Chosen applicants will live 和 learn in Sacramento through an internship within the Capitol's policy community. Learn more about this resume-building, life-changing opportunity.


在加州大学洛杉矶分校,我们颂扬学生真实的自我. That means giving them a place to enjoy total well-being — from ensuring their campus safety to offering inclusive housing options. We also provide spaces that promote both physical 和 mental health 和 well-being, 以及帮助职业咨询的资源.

R 'Kids ensures our student parents experience a family 友好的 campus where they 和 their children can thrive, 和 R 'Pantry provides students in need with access to food 和 other necessities — including fresh produce from our campus R 'Garden.

超过450人 学生组织, we’re certain our students will find their place — 和 lifelong friends — at UCR.

Keep up to date with all the latest happenings, news, 和 events at 十大网赌网址平台首页 by 订阅 到我们的本科生体验通讯. 


  • 校园安全

    在UCR,你的安全是我们的首要任务. 我们的 健康、幸福和安全 division is made up of nine departments that are dedicated to listening, 支持, 和 providing 十大网赌网址平台首页 students with helpful resources 和 services for your overall safety 和 well-being.

  • 职业中心

    十大网赌网址平台首页的 职业中心 provides students 和 alumni with access to an extensive job database, 职业咨询, 简历建议和面试指导, 以及研讨会和招聘会提醒.

  • 幼儿服务

    幼儿服务 provides a safe, nurturing environment for the children of UCR students, staff, 和 faculty. 的 center has programs for children ages 4 months to kindergarten.

  • UCR餐饮酒店 & 零售服务

    UCR餐饮酒店 & 零售服务 provides the campus with great food, as well as a variety of locations to relax, socialize 和 study. 从餐厅到我们的零售店, we offer high-quality 和 healthy dining options in 友好的, 欢迎环境. 

  • 少数民族 & 性别项目

    的 少数民族 和 Gender Program Offices feature student support services, 社区参与措施, 多元文化活动和领导力培训. 的se engaging opportunities allow students to explore cultural growth 和 development, 和 to build the skills required to lead 和 succeed in a diverse world.

  • 健身及康乐

    加州大学的 娱乐 department offers members of the Highl和er community an opportunity to lead active lives while working on achieving their degrees. 所有UCR学生都自动成为 学生娱乐中心, a 155,000平方英尺的最先进的健身设施, 体育活动, 活动和一般娱乐用途.

  • 住房服务

    UCR房屋服务 provides students with safe, convenient housing to help you establish your college community. 我们提供三种住宿方式-宿舍, campus apartments 和 family housing — to meet the needs of all UCR students. Each housing type provides countless opportunities to participate in activities that enrich your college experience. 我们随叫随到的房屋管理人员, supported by the 健康、幸福和安全 Division, 是否致力于为我们的居民提供一个友好的, 安全的环境.

  • 国际事务中

    的 国际事务中 website features a variety of resources for students seeking information on international programs here at UCR, 以及全球各地的其他机会.

  • 金融援助

    超过86%的学生使用经济援助, 包括本科生和研究生, 在UCR任职期间. 在UCR了解更多关于经济援助的信息. 

  • UCR校园商店

    的 UCR校园商店 你是教科书和UCR商品的好选择吗. 你会找到所有课程的完整书目, 以及UCR服装的最大选择, 学校精神用品和礼物. 访问 CompUCR for tech gear that supports your campus life, 从电子产品到电脑,再到软件和用品!

  • R 'Card

    你的 R 'Card is your single most important piece of student identification.


    • 在校园和社区核实你的身份.
    • 支付餐费.
    • 从图书馆借书.
    • 进入学生娱乐中心(SRC).
    • 参加UCR主场体育赛事.
    • 进入一些校园建筑.
    • 使用“小熊币”在校园里购物.”
    • 使用自动售货机、洗衣服务和复印机.
    • 免费乘坐河滨公交公司的巴士.
    • 使用注册服务.
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